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The Quaffle (There are one Quaffle in Quidditch)
The Bludger (There are two Bludgers in Quidditch) The Beater Bat (There are two Beater Bat in Quidditch) The Snitch (There are one Snitch Quidditch)
Quidditch Info
Played on broomsticks, high in the air, Quidditch is an easy game to understand, but it's not too easy to play. There are in-fact seven hundred ways to commit a foul during a Quidditch match, all of which occurred during the 1473 World Cup!

Quaffles, Chasers and Keepers

Quidditch is played with four different sized balls and two teams of seven players. Each team has three Chasers, who try to put the bright red, football sized, Quaffle through one of three hoops to score ten points. One Keeper per team tries to stop the Chasers scoring by flying around his/her team's hoops

Bludgers and Beaters

During a match two jet-black balls, slightly smaller than the Quaffle, known as the Bludgers, chase after players to try and knock them off their broomsticks. It is the Beaters job to protect their team from the Bludgers and to knock the balls towards the opposing team

Snitches and Seekers

The most important ball is the Golden Snitch, as once caught the match is over and the team that caught the Snitch wins 150 points, therefore almost always winning the match too. The Seekers job is to catch the Snitch. The Seeker is the player who is fouled most often due to the importance of the Snitch. A Quidditch match cannot end until the Snitch has been caught and the longest ever match is said to have been three months!

Harry Potter is the Gryffindor Seeker. He was picked for the team during his first year at Hogwarts, despite being a first year student (first years are not allowed broomsticks at Hogwarts). Harry was seen skilfully flying after and catching Neville's Remembrall during his first flying lesson and was chosen for the Gryffindor team by Professor McGonagall.