Hermione Granger


Hermione Granger


Hermione Granger (name pronounced "her-my-oh-nee") is a very intelligent muggle-born girl who is described as having brown eyes, large front teeth and lots of bushy brown hair. She is a very kind-hearted girl but can sometimes be a little bossy.

Hermione was born on September 19th, and being the daughter of two muggle dentists, had no idea she was a witch until she received her letter from Hogwarts. 

In the beginning, Hermione came to Hogwarts with the intention of being a stickler for the rules, this is the reason that she, at first, did not get along with Harry or Ron. It wasn't until they rescued her from a troll that they became fast friends. Hermione, while still thinking that rules are important, is not as bothered by them now as she was in the beginning. She will occasionally tell Ron and Harry off for doing something like illigally visiting Hogsmeade, but she will just as willingly sneak into Snape's office and steal supplies. She has lightened up a lot since the start of the books, and J.K. Rowling has said this will continue.

Hermione, alike Professor McGonagall, can sometimes lose control over her emotions. On more than one occasion she has become extremely angry, resulting in things like slapping Malfoy, storming out of Devination class, or plotting revenge against nasty Rita Skeeter.
She has also, one more than one occasion, unnecessarily burst into tears (ie: When Ron and Harry made up after their fight) and when Ron told her he would help her with Hagrid's trial after they had been fighting, she broke down completely.

Hermione is very studious. She is always the first to perfect a spell and knows far more about magic than Ron or Harry, which is saying something considering she is muggle-born! Her worst fear is not the many ghosts and monsters that lurk around Hogwarts, but failing an exam! When she was alone with a Boggart, it turned into Prof. McGonagall and told her she had failed everything, which resulted in her screaming and taking several minutes to be calmed down. Hermione sometimes bites of more than she can chew. She took on so many classes in her third year at Hogwarts, she was having to re-do hours to keep up with it all, and even though she was straining herself far too hard with her workloads (seeming, after a while, to be acting a little hysterical) she kept it up. Hermione's speciality is conjuring up blue, portable, water-proof fires. She can often be found reading or in the library researching. Hermione is often quoting "Hogwarts: A History" and many other books, and becomes annoyed when the others don't know all the little facts she does.

Hermione's favourite class is Arithmancy, an ancient form of fortune telling using numbers. Hermione has no problem with any class expect Devination. At first, Hermione was happy to be taking Devination, until she came to the conclusion that the subject involved a lot of guessing work and Professor Trelawney, the Devination teacher, was an old fraud (I can't help but agree with this. Trelawney has made a few real predictions (ie: Neville braking the cup (then again, if she hadn't of said anything, would he have broke it?) but then she says things like "The fates have informed me your end of year exam will contain crystal gazing" when she's the one who set's the exam!). It didn't take Hermione long to walk out in the middle of Trelawney's class, deciding she could be using her time to do more important things like Charms rather than staring into tea leaves, and It didn't take Ron and Harry long to realise that Hermione's opinion was right.

Some people think Hermione's studious nature is psychological. She thinks of herself as the "plain girl with no extraordinary talents" and tries to make up for this by knowing everything Hogwarts can teach her. This is not uncommon, and could quite possibly be the reason behind Hermione's constant studying. However, without Hermione's brains, the guys would be lost. On more than one occasion it has been Hermione who has saved the day.

Hermione has a strong political conscience. She was appalled when she found out the about the way House-elves were treated and went out of her way (cough:spew:cough) to try and get this changed. Hermione will always stand up for what she believes is right. She told McGonagall about Harry's Firebolt when she thought it might be jinxed, even though she knew Harry and Ron would hate her for doing so. She would also not back down to Ron's accusations that her cat, Crookshanks, had attacked Scabbers, even though this temporarily destroyed her friendship with him.

Ron often bickers with Hermione, although the two of them are best friends. People are starting to predict (especially after all the hints in GoF) that there will be a romance between the two of them.

Hermione is a highly favoured character. She is based on J.K. Rowling herself and although she is very complex, there are a lot of people who can relate to her, especially little girls. Harry may be the one who gets the glory, but even he knows he would be lost without Hermione!


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