Mark Hyder ME!!!!
My name is Mark William Hyder.

Date of birth 25th Feb 1983

I am 24 years old.

I was born SE London, UK.

I am a Pisces.

My first school was Haselrigge in Clapham, then on to

MortimerSchool Streatham and on to Lansdowne School, Brixton.

When I left school I attended Lambeth College,
where I studied text processing.

Then I was working with T.B.G.
Training and Business Group in Clapham. The first course, which I complete, was Number Power for four mouths, and then I did a course called
Word Power to help me with my reading, Spelling and Sometime's my handwriting.
I would like to be a computer engineering course.

I am currently looking for work.

My interests are surfing the "
WEB", (ALL THE TIME!!) I love Harry Potter and seen all the movies.
I have all the DVD's. I like to listen to classical music in my spare time.

I do like sport, but do not have the time to participate however I would like to play snooker and golf in my spare time.

If you have any Harry Potter web sites you would like to see featured on links page, please e-mail me, with a short review.

Thanks for visiting my site

See you soon.


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